Are Natural Gas and Propane Interchangeable?

Natural gas and propane are two popular options that have been used for many years.

No, natural gas and propane are not interchangeable. 

How to Know if Your Stove Uses Propane or Natural Gas?

1. Check the label on the back of your stove or instruction manual.

2. Check the burner orifices. Propane orifices are usually smaller than natural gas orifices.

3. Contact the manufacturer of your stove. They should be able to tell you which type of gas your stove uses.

What Happens If You Utilize Propane on Natural Gas Stoves?

The two fuels have different air-to-gas ratios, which can cause the stove to burn inefficiently. 

Additionally, the stove may not be designed to handle the higher pressure of propane and can be damaged.

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