How To Increase Flame On Gas Stove?

Gas stoves are a great way to cook meals quickly and efficiently. However, sometimes there is an issue with the flame being too low. Gas burners on the stove provide an even flame and allow for more precise cooking control than electric ranges, but sometimes you can run into problems such as when your gas burner is not providing enough heat.

The issue of low flame on a gas stove is a very common problem. If you are experiencing this issue, there are some easy fixes to help you Increase Flame On Gas stove.

One way that can be done is by adjusting the flame height knob to ensure that it’s set at the right level for optimum heat output. Another thing you can do is tighten any loose fittings or connections to make sure everything is as tightly secured as possible before turning your burner on again.

After these adjustments, try lighting the stove and see if there has been a performance improvement! If these steps don’t work, then this guide will show you how to diagnose and fix low flames issues with your gas stove. Here I have shared my experience on how I fixed the low flame issue on my gas stove.

How To Increase Flame On Gas Stove?
How To Increase Flame On Gas Stove?

How To Increase Flame On Gas Stove?

I wrote this article to educate people because it’s not difficult to fix a weak flame on a stove at home. I will share every possible detail with you guys and I’ll tell you how to control the uneven flames situation safely and methodically. So let’s begin.

I have a two-burner gas cooktop from DIOS, which is about two years old. The low flame is coming in both burners. Currently, the big burner is not burning at all as you can see in the image above, so repairing it is the only the most viable option.

Below Are The Important Steps To Increase Flame On Gas Stove

Step 1: Turn OFF The Gas Cylinder Knob

The first procedure is to turn OFF the gas cylinder Connection and let both the burner cool down. Everyone should do this from a safety point of view before doing a cooktop repair or correcting the burner flame. Then remove the gas tube valve from the backside.

So we can able to repair the stove outside the kitchen. I kept all the units on the table for easy repairing then our repairing processes can start with the dismantling of every part. The cooktop knob may be removed by gently pulling it.

In addition, we need to pay attention to the cut marks on the knob while reinstalling it. If we insert it in the reverse direction, it won’t insert properly. Remove the second knob too. May it be a little bit tight if it is an older one. 

Step 2: Remove The Burner Cap, Deep Tray, and Support Pan

Next, remove the burner cap, deep tray, and support pan for both the burners as shown in the image below.

Step 2: Remove The Burner Cap, Deep Tray, and Support Pan

Although it seems very ugly and dusty, it is not the proper reason for the burner flame issue. Everyone is unsure whether this is the cause or not? But NO. I will explain it soon.

If you feel it is tight, just pull using any hard object from the side and remove the burner cap, deep tray, and pan support. We’ve finished removing the upper section or head of the cooktop.

Step 3: Remove The Screw of Dip Tray

Now start to remove the screws from the top. There are nuts below to screw. So, if you’re having trouble unscrewing the screw, you’ll need to use the plier to hold the nuts.

Step 3: Remove The Screw of Dip Tray

Step 4: Place Stove Upside Down and Remove Nuts

This is the simple strategy I’m describing, which anyone, technical or nontechnical, may follow to get rid of low gas pressure. You can see the nuts on the backside. With the help of a plier, we can remove all the 3 nuts.

The nuts are currently incredibly tight because we haven’t removed them in a long time. Once again I am trying to remove this all now all the three screws we removed. But unfortunately, one screw is very tight. Keep the stove vertical to avoid upsetting the knob side while removing tight screws.

Step 4: Place Stove Upside Down and Remove Nuts

Step 5: Remove Iron Mixing Tube

This kind of weak flame issue is found mainly in old gas stoves. The burner area is now loose after removing the screws from the top and bottom. By removing the screw, you may now remove the jet area.

This screw isn’t very tight. We can easily get rid of it. Now start removing the Iron Mixing Tube. Let’s have a check whether any dust particles are deposited over there or not If yes please remove them because it can also prevent from producing high flames. Next, remove the screws at the knob area.

Step 5: Remove Iron Mixing Tube

Step 6: Remove The Jet Nozzle and Clean It.

Unscrew both by turning the screwdriver anti-clockwise Remove the jet area now. This section is not tight in any way. Check to see if the jet area has any dust and clean it using a small tool such as a safety pin or wire.

The total passage of gas flame will get blocked if a jet area is not clean so we need to clean it properly. Do the same procedure for the next jet area.

Step 6: Remove The Jet Nozzle and Clean It.

Step 7: Remove the Knob Valves and Clean It

Now remove a knob valve you can see a small screw over here. Please remove it using a small screwdriver. Spring is also available inside. Now remove the spring and see if there is any dust in the inside section of the valves.

Now we can clean the same, for cleaning take a white cloth and a small screwdriver. It should be inserted into the valve and cleaned. After cleaning place the spring and nozzle. Make sure the cutting mark is properly matching.

The hole should match properly, otherwise, the screw will not get inserted. Now refit the screw. Please do for the second one too.

Step 7: Remove the Knob Valves and Clean It

Step 8: Refit the Jet and Knob Valve

This is also simple as the first one. Only thing is that the slot should match while reinserting. Clean it properly and always ensure the spring action is correct.

Now we completed the cleaning in the Jet area successfully now we can refit the same, back first connect both the knobs, and make medium tight on screws.

If we do full tight it will be very difficult to fit the remaining parts now we fit all parts back properly. Please make sure every part fitted properly. Please have a double-check and now we can make it ON after placing the knob and pan support and check it’s working or not.

Step 8: Refit the Jet and Knob Valve


Q: Why is my gas stove producing low flames?

A: There can be many reasons why your gas stove might not be putting out enough heat. One possibility is that the burners themselves may dirty or clogged, which can interfere with the flow of gas and produce weak flames. Additionally, if your stove is old or malfunctioning in some way, this could also lead to low flames.

Q: Why are the flames on my gas stove uneven?

A: If the flames on your gas stove are uneven, it could be because of several factors. One possibility is that the burners themselves may not be level, which can cause one side of the flame to be stronger than the other.

Additionally, if the stove is dirty or has built-up debris on it, this can also create uneven flames. Finally, if there is a leak in your gas line, this will cause an irregular flame as well.

Q: How can I increase the flame on my gas stove?

A: If your gas stove is producing weak or uneven flames, there are a few things you can do to try to fix the problem. First, make sure that the burners themselves are clean and clear of any obstructions.

Additionally, check that the stove is level and properly aligned. If none of these measures seem to work, it might be necessary to call in a professional technician to inspect and repair your stove.


In order to increase the flame on a gas stove, you should clean out dirty or clogged burners and make sure that your stove is aligned properly. If none of these measures work, you should contact a professional technician for inspection and repair.

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