How To Fix Orange Flame On Gas Stove? | Quick Guide 2023

Most of you have undoubtedly noticed your gas stove burning with an orange flame at least once. To some, this may appear to be a minor incident, but we are confident that the majority of you must have come up with questions like what that orange flame implies, whether it is harmful, and how to fix orange flame on gas stove.

Our kitchen is similar to our laboratory. Each day, there are a lot of processes going on there, some of which can be dangerous.A lot of what we do in the kitchen is centered on how our stove operates.

The flame of a stove is critical for the preservation of delicious food, overall wellness, and a properly working kitchen. When the stove’s flame becomes orange, there is an issue with the stove that must be rectified as early as possible for it to perform safely and correctly.

So, in this blog article, we go through this typical problem in depth. You simply need to stick around for this post to get answers to all of your queries.

The simplest explanation is that your stove is having issues with effective combustion! Most likely, your gas stove’s burners will need to be cleaned or adjusted. Otherwise, an incorrectly functioning stove may produce a hazardous level of carbon monoxide gas!

But what causes your stove’s flame to turn orange? When there is inadequate oxygen delivery to the stove, the flame, which should be blue at first, does not start. However, the oxygen continues to be squandered, and the gas flame, which is intended to be blue, ends up having orange flames. 

As a result, the most common cause of your Gas Stove unexpectedly bursting into orange flames is insufficient mixing of oxygen and fuel.

If your gas stove emits orange flames, either partially or entirely, it indicates that the kitchen gadget needs thorough cleaning or perhaps repairs! You can fix the orange flame of your gas stove by following:

  • Ensure that the gas-burning orifices on the stove are clean and clear of debris. You must thoroughly clean the stove to ensure that there is no blockage in the igniter or the openings.
  • Make sure the portholes & burners are clean and clear of dirt. Cooking oil on spillovers may clog these holes, affecting the color of the flame
  • Humidifiers appear to shift the color of the flame from blue to orange. If you’ve got a humidifier beside any of your stoves, switch it off and see if it makes an impact.
  • Make sure you’re using the correct orifices for your range (whether it’s natural gas or liquid propane LP). Along with this modification, ensure that the pressure regulator valve and the brass orifice were also replaced.
  • Another issue that may trigger the flame to become orange is the fuel-to-air ratio. There is no full burning of gas when your burner does not receive adequate air. If this is the case, adjust the burner’s air shutter to let more air in.

How to fix orange flame on propane stove?

1. Check the propane tank to make sure it is full and the regulator is properly adjusted.

2 Make sure the burner is clean and free of debris.

3. Adjust the flame height by turning the knob on the stove.

4. If the flame is still orange, check the air shutter to make sure it is open.

5. If the air shutter is open, check the burner orifice for any blockages.

6. If the burner orifice is blocked, clean it out with a small brush.

7. If the flame is still orange, replace the burner orifice.

8. If the flame is still orange, check the propane regulator for any blockages.

9. If the regulator is blocked, replace it with a new one.

10. If the flame is still orange, check the propane tank for any leaks.

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Why are orange flames so important to fix?

Orange flames are important to fix because they indicate an incomplete combustion process. This means that the fuel is not burning completely, which can lead to a buildup of unburned fuel and carbon monoxide in the exhaust.

This can be dangerous, as carbon monoxide is a deadly gas. Fixing orange flames means ensuring that the fuel is burning completely and efficiently, which will help to reduce emissions and improve safety.

How To Fix Orange Flame On Gas Stove
How To Fix Orange Flame On Gas Stove

An orange flame indicates an overabundance of carbon monoxide, which is;

  • Highly dangerous to the human body and causes side effects such as dizziness, nausea, light-headedness, and headache.
  • Accountable for causing utensil damage; it turns your fresh and beautiful utensils black, making cleaning them more difficult. It is also liable for lowering the strength of the utensil.

An indicator that your stove isn’t operating correctly and requires quick care.

If you observe an orange flame on a stove frequently, one thing will undoubtedly bother you: how harmful is it? Because such flame color emerges when we have insufficient oxygen to fuel supply, it clearly shows that there is an excessive quantity of carbon monoxide in our atmosphere!

And carbon monoxide is not something to play with! This gas is extremely hazardous to humans and their health. if you inhale a little of that gas unexpectedly, Carbon monoxide displaces oxygen in your blood, depriving your heart and brain of oxygen.

It is recommended that you use the gas burner correctly. When utilizing a gas burner, one must exercise extreme caution. When you notice a slight change in the color of the flame, fix it before proceeding.

How to fix yellow flame on gas stove?

The yellow flame on your gas stove could be a sign of incomplete combustion, which can result from clogged burners or the wrong size burner being used. To fix the issue, you should start by cleaning the burners with a soft brush and soapy water. If that doesn’t work, try replacing the burner caps and checking for any blockages in the gas piping.

Once everything is clean and clear, make sure to adjust the burner size to match your cookware before turning on your gas stove. Finally, if these steps don’t work, it could be time to call an experienced technician for help!

Can I use my stove if the flame is orange?

Absolutely! A slightly orange flame is a sign that your stove is burning in an efficient manner. When the flame is too big, it can cause an increased risk of improper combustion or carbon monoxide poisoning. As long as you keep the flame at a reasonable size, you should be able to continue using your stove without any issues.

Does orange flame mean incomplete combustion?

Yes, an orange flame usually means that the combustion process is not complete, which can result in dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. To ensure safety while using your gas stove, always check the color of the flame – blue is a sign of complete combustion, while orange or red indicates incomplete combustion and should be addressed immediately.

How do you get rid of orange flame?

Orange flame on your gas stove can be caused by unbalanced air-gas ratio, so it is important to adjust the air intake and make sure the stove is burning with a blue flame. To do this, start by turning off the gas valve, then turn the gas valve to low.

Then Slowly increase the flow of air intake until you get a nice blue flame. If you are still having issues, you may need to check for blockages in your air intake pipe and clean them if needed.

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